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Image Annotation and Recognition Services

Exceptional Images Annotation Solutions. Annotating images with labels is the process of adding labels to a digital image, usually using human power and, in some cases, computers. Machine learning engineers select labels that describe what is shown in an image so that the computer vision model can learn what it stands for. Engineers can also make use of labeling images to identify important factors that determine the overall accuracy and precision of their models.

Outsource Image Annotation & Recognition Services at Affordable Prices

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Image Annotation for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Companies:

A service for annotating images of all types and sizes with sophisticated tools that make images recognizable for computers and machine learning. With Visuals Clipping image annotation platform, custom tools, and a talented team of annotation specialists, your image annotation projects are implemented efficiently. In addition to using tools and techniques from a variety of fields to annotate the images, we provide the most comprehensive databases to aid machine learning and artificial intelligence

We Offer the Following Services for Image Annotation

2D Bounding BoxImage Annotation Service

2D Bounding Box Image Annotation Service

In computer vision-based models, bounding box annotation is a basic technique that allows for the easier calculation of attributes. Images annotated with bounding boxes are used to train autonomous vehicles to recognize different street objects such as traffic, signals, lanes, potholes, and so forth. In a real-world setting, it also allows self-driving vehicles to understand and recognize their surroundings. Although it might seem easy, maintaining consistency requires consistent effort.

Visuals Clipping provides 2D bounding box annotation services for various industries. Among these are autonomous vehicles, robotics, unmanned flying machines such as drones, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, aggrotech, etc. Our offered solutions strike the right balance between a project's requirements and its business objectives. We combine human expertise with AI and machine learning capabilities.


3D Cuboid Annotation Service

Create ground truth datasets for 3D perception using 3D Cuboid annotation for 2D objects to automatically recognize the depth of objects. By using 3D Cuboid Annotation solutions, you can make your computer vision model learn how to detect precise dimensions of vehicles and their movement. This is done by training a computer vision model with annotated 3D objects from 2D images and videos. Self-driving models are able to understand real-world scenarios by using our 3D cuboid annotation services. These vehicles can detect the distances of objects from the vehicle and measure the spacing between them.

Object recognition Services

Object recognition Service

Through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, the Visuals Clipping can comprehensively handle object recognition activities in real-time for businesses. By getting to understand the specifics of your business model, we offer premier object recognition web solutions that meet your digital recognition needs and help you transform your business.

By using image recognition, the software is able to recognize and classify images similarly to humans. When pixels or vectors in an image are categorized and labeled by applying rules, the image as a whole is classified. Our team develops a custom image classification function based on the data you provide. There is no limit to what it can do. Below are a few examples. Object recognizing services can help in the following ways:

Quality inspection

Automatically identifying defects in a photograph

Identify defects in your product by analyzing an image.

Analysis of emotions

Determine the mood of a photograph

Lines and Splines Recognition Services

Road Lines and Splines Recognition service

With machine learning, you can train the vehicle perception model to detect and define lane lines accurately on roads with the help of ML/AI. Visuals Clipping provides high-quality machine learning training data sets for autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars through the line, polyline, and spline annotation services.

It Helps With:

Line Annotations for Road Surface Markings

Detection of lanes for autonomous vehicles

Accurately detecting paths with polylines

Point and Landmark Recognition Service

Point and Landmark Recognition service

Plotting a sequence of points to create a dataset that can detect small objects based on their shape. It assists gesture or facial recognition applications by placing key points at specified locations to determine the exact characteristics or attributes of the targeted area. The annotation technique is mainly used for counting applications in order to determine the density of an object within a specific area based on landmark points. A better understanding of the trajectory of motion of each point in an object is achieved

Polygon Image Annotation Services


Across multiple scenarios, we've successfully completed polygon annotation projects. Polygon’s annotation helps with:

Recognizing facial features,

Identifying a symmetrical object such as trees, buildings, road signs,

Detecting water features, etc.

Capturing the shape and size of distant objects in images.

Services For Tagging and Labeling Images

image tagging and labelling service

Visuals Clipping combines world-class annotation technology with automated and predictive algorithms to provide your business with the data it needs to be productive and be on the next level.

For companies interested in machine learning and AI-driven data sets, we provide image annotation with the highest accuracy. Using our annotated images, machines and computers can quickly recognize objects by using the dimensions and outlined boxes to store the data for future reference while recognizing resemblance. Our linguistic experts, data professionals, and annotators ensure we deliver projects across a wide range of domains efficiently. Moreover, we offer our clients customized annotation services with reliable security.

Our objective is to provide top-quality machine learning and computer vision training data for an affordable price.

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