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Most Affordable Video Annotation Services

Would you like to know how a self-driven car gets from point A to point B? Here's where video annotation comes in along with artificial intelligence (AI). In training almost every perceptive AI model, video labeling plays a role in detecting roadblocks, pedestrians, and obstacles. AIs, machine learning setups, and computer vision-based machinery are able to proactively identify and act on video-specific entities with the help of video annotation. Based on the labeled data, intelligent systems can recognize and identify objects, patterns, and more.

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Video annotation metadata is added to video datasets to create and train a machine learning algorithm. The technique may include semantic segmentation, image transcription, object tracking, and image-to-text transcription.

The Visuals Clipping Video Annotation Solutions

The Visuals Clipping provides video annotation services for self-driving cars and many other uses. Visuals Clipping allows you to build comprehensively labeled video datasets. From object localization to video tracking, we provide the expertise and technology you need for all of your video annotation needs.

By choosing us, you can deploy world-class AI technologies by using reliable data collection, video annotation, and services.

Component Of Our Video Annotation services:


We can automatically duplicate annotations between multiple video frames and sequenced images. This helps track multiple objects with linear interpolation and advanced tracking models.

All shapes including bounding boxes, cuboids, polygons, key points, and lines are supported in our object tracking solutions. Our video annotation solutions can be used for applications such as autonomous vehicles, video analytics for security surveillance, and e-commerce.

2.Semantic Video Annotation

It may be worthwhile to consider semantic segmentation, which involves classifying images at the pixel level, as a way to develop more targeted and accurate computer vision AIs. Videos are segmented into component parts, by the Visuals Clipping, and then annotated. We analyze video frames pixel by pixel and classify objects by computer vision.

In addition to segmentation of certain parts of the image, Visuals Clipping can label the image as a whole. A semantic annotation is applied to every pixel in order to help the Computer Vision model work to its highest potential.

3.Human Activity and Pose Recognition

Due to problems such as clutter, partial occlusion, changes in scale, perspective, lighting, and appearance, recognizing people's activities from video sequences or static images is a challenging task. By annotating moving images precisely, machines can identify human facial expressions and how they pose while they perform different actions.

For video surveillance systems, human-computer interaction, and robotics programs to characterize human behavior, the use of multiple activity recognition systems is highly required. Human pose estimation models take a photo or video of a person and estimate their skeletal joint position in 2D or 3D space based on the activity. Our AI experts use the Convolutional Neural Network dataset to develop custom pose, estimation models. As a result, AI apps, optimization software, autonomous vehicles, and various other security software work efficiently with high reliability.

Who Needs Video Annotation Services?

●Autonomous Driving Vehicles

The deployment of autonomous technology can be assisted by using video annotation services, which can detect objects like signboards, signal lights, vehicles, street lights, etc.

●Medical AI

Pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, and healthcare provider networks can provide high-quality services using video annotation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

  • Geospatial Technology

Analyzing video footage from satellites, drones, and aerial cameras with the help of video annotation can be used to develop applications in energy, security, mapping, agriculture, and logistic


With the help of keypoint annotations on public footage, authorities are able to identify criminals using facial recognition.


The use of CCTV along with AI, ML, and video annotation by security agencies can help them catch illegal activities and suspects more efficiently.

●Production and Manufacturing

By adding video annotations to industrial robots, manufacturing becomes more efficient. Automated systems are able to detect defective items in production or manufacturing shortcomings.

●Commerce Sector

Using video annotations, you can better understand consumer behavior in stores and increase retail sales. Companies can use object tracking to automate mask identification by tracking how consumers interact with shelves.

Why Visuals Clipping Should Handle Video Annotation for You

●Team of Devoted Professionals

Approximately 80% of the time data scientists spend working with data is spent cleaning and preparing data. Outsourcing allows your data scientists to concentrate on developing robust algorithms, while we handle the tedious work.


. With video annotation consultants like us, we offer domain experts who will dedicate themselves to your projects and can scale operations flexibly as your company expands.

●The Highest Quality

Annotators who are dedicated to their domains and annotate regularly serve you to the best of their abilities

●No Internal Bias

Through the annotation of data, our experts improve accuracy by eliminating assumptions and bias.

●Fast Results and Transparent Reporting:

Get to experience fast progress and transparent reporting on your AI/ machine learning tasks.